Quality Industrial Rubber Products

We carry a very large scale product line of high quality industrial grade rubber products for your business need.

Industrial Rubber Product Solutions

We can offer solutions to your business needs with regards to any industrial rubber machine/product you want to upgrade or purchase to increase your productivity.

Specialization in industrial rubber matting

Main Rubber Supply business pleased to offer various types of matting for your industrial setting.


Industrial Rubber Products

If you’re looking for an industrial rubber product such as rubber sheet, rubber slab, rubber matting, rubber bumpers, rubber wedges, rubber tubing, rubber sleeves, rubber extrusions or trims, rubber mud flaps, rubber hockey pucks, rubber moldings or rubber fabrications such as rubber gaskets, rubber curtains, rubber flaps, rubber doors, rubber scrapers, rubber strips, etc. then you’ve come to the right place!

Industrial Rubber Solutions

We are highly experienced in many industries such as steel making, coal fired generating plants, cement, sand and gravel, gypsum, salt, mining, wineries, food processing plants, bakeries, original equipment manufacturers of salt trucks, street sweepers, recycling trucks, conveyor equipment, crushing and screening equipment, grain and fertilizer and more.