Sponge & Foam

Main Rubber Supply can supply many styles of closed cell or open cell sponge in sheets, strips, pads, die cut, kiss cut, laminated, with or without pressure sensitive backing, acoustical foam and more.

Weather Stripping

We can supply open cell or closed cell foam and sponge in strips with or without adhesive backing in neoprene, neoprene blends, silicone, etc in custom thicknesses and widths coiled or spooled


All types of dust seals, water seals, air seals, transformer seals, die cut or kiss cut gaskets, lighting seals, air conditioning seals, rubber/sponge composite hatch cover seals for bulk carrier holds, journal box gaskets, door seals and spacers, window spacers


Closed cell buff vinyl, EVA, etc can be supplied in sheets or die cut, fabricated for athletic equipment such as hockey, football helmets or anywhere padding is required to guard against shock and impact.


Closed cell foam in various non allergenic compounds can be supplied for braces, footwear, orthotics, prostheses. We can supply sheets or fabricated pieces to your specifications.


Sound dampening barrier foams can be supplied in polyurethane open cell foam with or without an aluminized foil (designed to reflect heat) laminated to one side. Common uses are in large equipment engine, diesel compartments, air compressor cabinets, granulators, locomotives, machinery enclosures, business machines. Commonly supplied in 1” thick


Memory foam, extruded closed cell sponge profiles