Rubber Extruded

Rubber Extruded

Main Rubber Supply can supply custom or stock rubber extrusions in a wide variety of profiles. Sometimes we have stock molds or dies to produce the parts but in cases the tooling charges for new custom shapes are extra. If your part already exists please send us a drawing or sample for us to quote. If you are in the design stage, contact us for a custom quote.

P Seals

We can supply P seals in various bulb diameters, solid bulbs, tail lengths and compounds. A typical application is for a rear door seal on solid waste trucks. The bulb portion of the seal compresses when the rear door is closed sealing off any waste fluids and when the door is opened for loading the bulb returns to its original size. The tail portion of the seal is where it is mechanically fastened to the door frame.

U Channels

These profiles are supplied for many industries but a popular is the aggregate industry where U channels called bucker strip or screen protector rubber is attached to heavy metal screens in the crushing and classifying of rock by size. These rubber u channels protect the metal screens and reduce noise. Other uses are for sheet metal edges as protectors against cutting.


Wedge profiles have been made in many sizes but a typical application for wedges are to block large paper rolls in paper mills and to block large steel coils in steel plants and steel processing centers. Typical size would be 3 ½” high and 5 ¾” deep x approximate 10 foot lengths.

D Shape & Wing Type Bumpers

D shape bumpers are made in a large and small size with the large being approximately 3 7/8” high x 4 3/8” base with a 2 3/8” bore or 2.250” base by 1.90” high with a 1” bore. Common applications for the D bumpers are for truck loading docks or the back of trucks and transports to cushion backing into loading docks. Wing type bumpers have a bulb and a flat base available in several sizes and commonly used in crane and marine dock applications. Usually supplied in 10 feet lengths.

Marine Seals

We can supply extruded marine hatch cover seal on boats or window seals. Usually supplied a solid small D profile.

T Scale rubber

This extruded “T” shape is used to seal the gap on truck scales to prevent water and debris from entering the scale pit. Common approximate size is 5 ¼” top and 3 5/8” stem and ¼” thick cross section. Manufactured in weather resistant EPDM rubber in 70 Durometer, indoor or outdoor use from -40 F to 240 F

Other Shapes

We can supply tubing, e shapes, garage door seals, sponge profiles, hydro gate seals, traffic counter tubing

Major Markets Served

We serve commercial, industrial, OEM, architectural, construction, water control, pipe gaskets, container gaskets, automotive, railway and mass transit


We can supply extrusions from 1/16” to 18” wide, sponge and dense material capabilities, continuous extrusion or cut to length, secondary spliced gaskets, and high auto cutting and punching, taping with pressure sensitive adhesives