Rubber Fabricated


Main Rubber Supply can supply fabricated flat rubber parts or laminated, vulcanized, die cut gaskets or parts, slit, etc in most varieties of rubber along with holes, slots, bevels, etc. Generally stock rubber supplied in 1/16” thick to 2” thick.

Snow Plows

Rubber snow plow blades are supplied in 1 ½” thick x 8”, 10”, 12” or 14” wide with adjustment slots and in lengths up to 25 feet long. 80 Durometer hardness, black color

Conveyor Belt Cleaner

We can supply simple rubber blades basically the same as snow plow blades to be used as conveyor belt scrapers on bulk conveyor systems usually on a counter weight apparatus.

Street Sweepers/Salt Spreaders/Asphalt Spreaders

Commercial street sweepers/salt spreaders/asphalt spreaders all use rubber parts for squeegees, deflectors and seals and skirting. We have patterns for common parts some with hole and slot spacing for easy installation.


We have supplied mine doors (flame resistant), shot blast room curtains, sandblast curtains slit to panel size along with mounting hole. We supply in reinforced rubber for added tear resistance.

Skirtboard Rubber

Bulk conveyors use rubber skirting to keep the product on the conveyor belt and to reduce dust in some cases. All common sizes from ¼” thick to 1” thick supplied to your width requirement. Bevels are also available on a custom basis.

Industrial/Commercial Door Seals

Cloth inserted packing or neoprene nylon rubber is slit to required width and installed on door bottoms as a weather stripping. A common thickness is 1/8” thick with 1-2 plies of reinforcement for tear resistance. We supply cut to desired width and lengths.