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Welcome to Main Rubber Supply!

If it's an industrial rubber product or conveyor accessory we can usually get it for you - stock or custom.

Use our 30 + years experience in the industrial rubber & conveyor industry to offer you solutions to your problems.




Industrial Rubber Products

If you’re looking for an industrial rubber product such as rubber sheet, rubber slab, rubber matting, rubber bumpers, rubber wedges, rubber tubing, rubber sleeves, rubber extrusions or trims, rubber mud flaps, rubber hockey pucks, rubber moldings or rubber fabrications such as rubber gaskets, rubber curtains, rubber flaps, rubber doors, rubber scrapers, rubber strips, etc. then you’ve come to the right place!

We have a great selection of matting products from rubber runner matting in 1/8”-1/4” thick x 24”-36” wide in wide rib, fine rib in a variety of colors with black matting being the standard. There are anti fatigue mats with rubber and closed cell foam bonded to them in a variety of styles, electrical switchboard matting for control panels in plants and commercial buildings. Also, entrance door matting, heated coil matting for melting snow on walkways and steps, locker room matting, anti slip restaurant and freezer matting, heavy duty plant mats. We can ship out no charge samples on some styles of matting for your evaluation.

And if its conveyor related such as conveyor belting – either heavy weight or light weight, fabricated elevator belts, shot blast belts, magnetic separator belts, corrugated sidewall belts, food grade belts, recycling plant belts, conveyor belt scrapers, conveyor skirt board rubber or complete transfer point solutions then again you’ve come to the right place.

Main Rubber Supply are highly experienced in many industries such as steel making, coal fired generating plants, cement, sand and gravel, gypsum, salt, mining, wineries, food processing plants, bakeries, original equipment manufacturers of salt trucks, street sweepers, recycling trucks, conveyor equipment, crushing and screening equipment, grain and fertilizer  and more.

Use our 30 years plus experience in the industrial rubber, industrial matting and bulk conveyor industries to offer you solutions to your problems - quickly and efficiently.  Try us and you’ll see!

Your First Choice for Industrial Rubber, Matting and Bulk Conveyor Solutions!

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